Welcome to So-So Artsy!

Northfield's first Paint & Sip--Arts & Crafts studio and workshop! Where we love to create while sipping on wine! We still believe painting is an old focused relaxation technique. Here at So-So Artsy we understand that Art Therapy is a well known remedy for many health problems. Our classes are structured to be fun, relaxing, therapeutic, & socially interactive.

You need no experience, no art supplies, and you will walk out with a sense of serenity & a finished masterpiece in 2 hours.

As a result of COVID, we are only hosting Private Events, Mobile Events, & Virtual Events. You can submit a request for your very own private artsy party, browse our online gallery, and select one just for you, and/ or your group.

Bring in your choice of refreshments and/or food and enjoy-- while our staff guide you from total doubt to absolute amazement.


We wish to add value to our community by spreading the joy of art. We wish to give voice to the creativity that's there in each of us. We wish to become a therapeutic outing for artistic expression, while fostering a fun, relaxing, therapeutic, and socially interactive environment. We wish to become a place where individuals of all artistic levels can participate in a group as one. Our goal is to become a working-teaching studio that offers a variety of art-cultured activities in a fun yet relaxing atmosphere. We wish to evolve into an educative yet creative working space for individuals of all ages. We hope to provide and create an atmosphere that gives back to the new social painting revolution and community, because here at So-So Artsy, "Art is all we need."

So, How does Sip & Paint class work?

You can arrive up to 10 minutes before scheduled start time. Upon arriving, you can check in with our artist, so that we know our registered guest have arrived. Choose any seat with your friends. Your painting apron is on the back of your seat! The artist will guide you step by step throughout the class to ensure you feel comfortable and are super happy with your finished masterpiece. Line up with your friends and pose for the group shot!

For more questions, see our FAQs.


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