Workshops For All!

So-So Artsy is excited to be offering a fun and unique way to uncork your creativity. Bring your own wine, tea, or beverage of your choice. We will be conducting monthly workshops designed for every level of painting, craft, and DIY experience.
All workshops are limited to 40 persons.

Corporate Team Building Paint Party

We offer shared team building activities. Tired of the same ole structured office meetings? The same boring office parties? Here are some artsy suggestions to promote effective communication skills.Lead us to where? Both the team leader & team members will be given the opportunity to instruct the group on how to complete their painting. Without showing the group the original painting. Using only their communication skills, they will be asked to help the group create their own paintings. No experience needed.Tag-team - Instead of completing your own painting, you complete a step, then pass your painting to your neighbor to complete the next step. At the end, everyone has a painting to take to the office or home, that their co workers helped to complete. This teaches cooperation, social skills, teamwork, learning skills, the benefits of collaboration, & overall it offers a social learning environment.Side by Side - This team building event is structured to develop & strengthen team work & communication skills. Each team member will be given a painting to create, but each team member's painting will need to connect to their team member's painting. So that when all paintings are complete and set Side by Side, they create one large painting to take back to the office.Open Painting - This team building event is designed to give the team time to be together without the stresses of their day. Allowing them to relax in each other's company and enjoy their time together.Classic - Our instructor will walk the class through the painting of your choice with step-by-step guidance. Everyone creates their own individual painting to take back to the office or home after class. Go ahead & choose your theme and date and register for your sip & paint team building event today!Availability: Tuesday through SaturdayPrice: $30 per person (on-site) $35 per person (mobile event)

Paint-Sip Chill Events

This is a great opportunity to maximize your teen's down time. So-So Artsy is hosting a Paint-Sip & Chill Event twice a month for our troubled and at risk teens and youth. The arts can empower a child to imagine a better future and choose a more positive path in life. Therapeutic Art can be a safe haven for a teen. Teenagers struggling with chronic family problems, low income, poor academic performance, low absenteeism at school, socio economic challenges, aggression, unruly and risky behaviors, or teens with lots of down time can benefit from So-So Artsy's Paint-Sip, & Chill events.
Some of the benefits our teens should expect from this therapeutic activity are: 
Learning Constructive Self-Expression through self-reflection, Stress Relief, Real- World Skills, Creativity, Self-Confidence, Heightened Self Esteem, Mental Health Improvement, Emotional Intelligence, Art Appreciation, Learning to have fun.
Pizza and real fruit juice will be served. All art supplies will be provided. Seating is limited.
When: Call for more info 330.212.0385
Pricing: $20 per teen (2 hour painting session)

Pizza & Paint Party for Persons with Disabilities

ADAPTED PAINT CLASSES- Art stimulates and develops the imagination and critical thinking and refines cognitive and creative skills. Art impacts the developmental growth of all persons.  Stimulus of the creative mind generates relaxation and happiness feelings.  This is all especially significant for individuals with developmental disabilities.
Twice a month we host a two-hour painting class/pizza party for individuals with developmental disabilities and friends from the community. These events are an opportunity for day program participants and other special need individuals to paint and socialize with "paint buddies" from the broader community.  Everyone who attends our Pizza and Paint Party learns and benefits from this therapeutic experience. The one on one personal connection of creating art together creates a bond between participants, increasing their level of understanding of each other and their worlds.
Therapeutic art helps promote and improve the following: Communication, Self-Esteem, Mobility, Concentration & Healing, Mental Health, Brain Activity, Emotional Intelligence, Art Appreciation, Culture, Fun.
When: Call for more info 330.212.0385
Pricing: $25 per person (2 hour painting session on-site)
$30 per person (2 hour off-site painting session for groups only) SO-SO ARTSY IS "MOBILE FOR THE CAUSE." Our artists packs up paints, supplies, and canvases to bring the joy of art to individuals with developmental disabilities. Register online or call the studio to register an individual or group with special needs or to register as a Paint Buddy. We can come to you. Pizza not provided for mobile events (on-site only).

Senior Paint Party for Senior Citizens

Did you know that painting has so many therapeutic benefits, enhances quality of life and nurtures overall well-being? It can refine cognitive skills, reduce depression, anxiety, and related symptoms.  Other research demonstrates that the imagination and creativity of older adults can flourish in later life, helping them to realize unique, special, unlived potentials, even when suffering from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.

 Senior Facilities, Independent and Assisted Living, Memory Care programs, Nursing Homes, Adult Daycare Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, and Hospitals can benefit from our painting program.  We just love painting the town with our seniors! Anyone at any age can paint!

So-So Artsy is "MOBILE FOR THE CAUSE." Our artists packs up paints, supplies, and canvases to bring the joy of art to our Senior Citizens. Register online or call us. We come to you!

 Therapeutic Art helps promote and improve the following: Communication, Self Esteem, Mobility, Concentration & Healing, Mental Health, Brain Activity, Emotional Intelligence, Depression, Anxiety, Cognitive Skills.

When: (Call 330.212.0385 to schedule)

Pricing: Because we are offering these services twice a month for our seniors, we are able to offer a discounted flat rate:

$325 for up to 10 painters.

$650 for up to 20 painters.

$975 for up to 30 painters.

$1300 for up to 40 painters.

All sessions are 2 hours off-site


So-So Artsy puts the fun back into fundraisers with our exciting social painting events. From charity organizations, school and youth organizations, to church organizations, So-So Artsy provides groups with new ideas and an environment that provides opportunity to raise money for their organizations. A talented instructor will assist your fundraising event, making the event simple and fun even for people that have never painted before! Everyone leaves with their own masterpiece creation! ​ So-So Artsy offers a great value, helping organizations reach their fundraising goals simply and effortlessly. ​ Contact us for details. 

Availability: Tuesday through Saturday

Price: $40 per person (on-site) $45 per person (mobile events)

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